Born in Australia, Devissaro originally trained in classical piano, and studied music composition at University of Western Australia.  In 1980 he visited India, and has lived there ever since.  From 1983-89 he studied Hindustani (north Indian) vocal music of the Dagarbani Dhrupad tradition under the renowned Dagar family, as well as bansuri (Indian flute) and pakhawaj (north Indian drum).  Since 1993 he has lived with his family in Trivandrum, the southern-most city of India.

    Devissaro along with his wife Daksha Sheth is a founder and Artistic Co-Director of Daksha Sheth Dance Company. He also works as a freelance Music Director, composer and musician for TV, theatre and film. Most recently Devissaro has been Music Director for the renowned multi-lingual Indian production of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Nights Dream” directed by Tim Supple, that has been described as “the most life affirming dream to be seen in the UK since Peter Brook’s production of 1970!”

    Devissaro is also director and composer of asima, a male vocal and percussion ensemble based in Trivandrum, South India.

    He and Daksha Sheth have two children, daughter Isha Sharvani who is a dancer and actress, and son Tao Issaro who is a percussionist.